Bookmark ribbon

Simply find a page again.

Elastic band

The book can be closed with a rubber band and held together. 

Is used in our soft cover books and the Swiss brochure.

Universal elastic band for notebook here in the shop.

Pen loop

Is glued to the back of the book with a transparent plastic.

Different colors can be selected.


Pen loop with metal clip

Developed and manufactured by tyyp: Simply close a book and attach a pen to the book.

Fits to all hard cover books.

Buy here in the shop!


Present beautiful things! The banderole is wrapped around the book and with a sticker locked.


For closing the banderole. Stick it directly onto the book as a removable sticker. Available in all shapes and colors.

Textile label

A nice specialty from tyyp!

Your motif is woven as a textile label and attached to the book. Colors and motif according to customer requirements.

Triangular pocket

For business cards. Can be stuck in the front or back of the book.

Business card pocket

Can be stuck in the front or back of the book.


Lined or checked as a carbon copy, advertising pages with special messages or individual content for seminar participants. 

Everything is possible!