Sustainable & eco-friendly stationery

As designers and craftsmen, we know that people are always looking for beautiful things that are practical and durable at the same time. This applies in particular to the communication of a company and its brand.

At tyyp, we make paper products by hand. The vast majority of work steps are completed without the support of large machines. There are good reasons for this: quality craftsmanship and the ability to produce small runs of beautiful design products.

Our specially developed module system for materials allows us to manufacture the products quickly. Many parts are used in the same way for different products and are thus prepared in stock. This enables us to offer design products at fair prices.

If it does happen again, we work closely with Berlin workshops for people with disabilities.

Founded typ by Christoph Andrews, himself a native Berliner and product designer. The name tyyp derives from the


and the English word


away. The choice of this name turned out to be apt, because typography traditionally refers to the art and craft of printing and today to the design process with fonts, images and graphic elements. And the English word


means font and also brings typhas many levels of meaning.

Environmentally conscious & climate neutral products from September 2021

Of course we produce with 100% green electricity. We are also working on the certification of our company and the certification of the products in order toproduce climate-neutral. The process for this will take a moment because we all CO2- Sources must be determined in detail in order to be able to compensate for them.


In 2020 we founded the first social-ecological online marketplace for our own products from workshops for people with disabilities (WfbM).

Have a look:

Buy handmade products directly from social workshops (WfbM).
Your marketplace with over 50 Workshop online shops for people with disabilities. Best craftsmanship quality, sustainable from Germany.



April 2019

nomination at the German Design Award - awarded by the German Design Council in April 2019 for the product

Pen holder with elastic band.

July 2012

ADC (Art Directors Club, Germany) award for

“Typography as an object

tyyp ADC gewinner design

type environment

We are convinced that even small things can make a big difference. That's why we signed the charter for sustainable design.

AGD - Alliance of German Graphic Designers
Sustainable Design Charter

- We only process paper with an environmental certificate.
- We work with suppliers from our region.
- We produce in our region.

We pay attention to these certificates:

FSC Forest Stewardship Council

Blue Angel

Sustainability Council