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Taschenkalender 2025 mit offener Fadenheftung - tyyp

5 frequently asked questions about our tyyp design calendar 2025

1. How do your 2025 pocket calendars help me organize my time more easily?

Your environmentally friendly tyyp calendars 2025 are more than just book calendars or pocket calendars: They give you tried and tested time management methods and the the necessaryclaritywith which you can achieve your goals and enjoy your time at the same time. Organize your thoughts, write down your tasks so that you don't forget anything and rely on them. Get coached, get to know yourself better through reflection exercises and plan your day and week in the way that works best for you. Find out what you want and reset your priorities:

What does my day look like and how do I plan it successfully? (Life situation, values ​​& goals) When am I at my most productive and when do I need breaks? (Internal Clock) How can I organize my week so that I am in sync with myself? (Strategy)

Your 2025 calendar will help you reset your priorities, your structure and your goals  to achieve!

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2. Why are your 2025 book calendars and pocket calendars particularly sustainable?

Our environmentally friendly 2025 pocket calendars are produced ecologically and socially. From the compilation of the materials, through the supply chain, to production and shipping, we work sustainably and in a CO2-saving manner. The paper for our calendars and notebooks is a valuable resource as a renewable raw material. To protect them, paper should be reused as often as possible. All sustainable pocket calendars 2025 are made of 100% recycled paper and bear the “Blue Angel” environmental label. The recycled cardboard is certified with either the “Blue Angel”, “PEFC” or “FSC Recycled” seal. So that you know exactly what is behind it, we have created an information page Sustainability for you. We operate the machines in our factory exclusively with green electricity. Since high quality and fair working conditions are important to us, the Italian waistbands of your Pocket Calendar 2025 consist of a high proportion of high-quality organic cotton.

3. Where are the 2025 tyyp calendars made?

tyyp calendar 2025 are handmade “Made in Germany” by people with disabilities in cooperation with the Berlin bookbinder factory of the Union of Social Institutions. The raw materials supplied, such as paper and cardboard, also come from the region. We work to save CO2 and avoid unnecessary delivery routes throughout the entire manufacturing process.

4. What versions and sizes do your 2025 pocket calendars come in?

The tyyp design calendar 2025 is available as a pocket calendar 2025 A5. The book cover of the sustainable pocket calendar 2025 can be made of 100% recycled cardboard in different colors or real wood. You can also choose the appropriate waistband color made of fabric. If you need more space to store pieces of paper or notes, then we recommend the environmentally friendly 2025 book calendar with Swiss brochure binding. Book spine and the thread-stitched book block are separated from each other thanks to the Swiss brochure binding, making the sustainable book calendar 2025 Not only open it perfectly, but also make optimal use of the scratch-proof and water-repellent envelopewith practical pockets can.

5. How are the tyyp design calendars 2025 structured?

The beautiful pocket calendars 2025 from tyyp are designed so that you can not only plan your week, but also your month and you can plan your year 2025 optimally. After the annual overview for 2025, you will also find a practical 12-month overview for 2025, a weekly plan and a travel planner for your next vacation, pages for your tastiest recipes and the best wines. Your sustainable 2025 pocket calendar also contains practical exercises for self-reflection as well as time management methods that make your everyday life easier. The main part of the 2025 Design Calendar consists of a practical weekly overview that has been designed flexibly for different users: on the left is the weekly planner for appointments , on the right a whole page to note and reflect on.

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