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Pen holder for notebooks with rubber band pen loop (pen loop)

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For everyone who still writes with a pen and does not close the book with the PIN: the pen holder for notebooks with a rubber band to close, hand-sewn in a Berlin workshop for people with disabilities (WfbM).

Simply attach the metal clip to the back cover of the book and use the rubber band as a bookmark or to close the book! You can use the pen loop on the front or back of the book and is suitable for all pens: pencil, ballpoint pen, fountain pen or even colored pencils.

Suitable for all hard cover books! Also as a bookmark for novels.

Handmade in Berlin in a workshop for people with disabilities. 

Product data

»Handmade in Berlin
»Size (book in portrait format): DIN A4, DIN A5 or DIN A6
»Material: metal clip and elastic band, sewn
»Universally suitable for all hardcover books
»Design & Development: tyyp®